A Word of Caution

This is a very short statement on how you should use this website.

We try to monitor some of the ads and remove information that appears to us as  obviously untrue and misleading. On the other hand, we are unable to verify either the authenticity or the genuiness of the information published on this site. Individuals and companies posting on the site are not related to us in any way and we do not control the content posted by third parties either on this or other sites. We are not responsbile for any content posted on this site and cannot be held liabile for anything that has occurred or may occur in relation to the content posted here or elsewhere, or caused by the use or misuse of this site.

Do not buy from unverified sources.

Check everything in advance.

Be cautious.

Be vigilant.

Deal only with those individuals and companies whom you can trust.

Before committing yourself to any larger transactions meet the individuals in person, see the goods, verify track record of those who are trying to do business with you, get references. Better be safe than sorry. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Like all other websites this site may suffer from downtime and technical issues. It is dependent on Internet infrastructure which we do not control. We cannot be held liable or responsible for any issues or losses, be it loss of profit, either real or imaginary, failures to secure a job, a contract, a sale, a client or a customer, for either loss or disappearance of an opportunity, either real or imagined, or for any fault, loss or failure that may have occurred due to technical issues, site's maintenance, third party's actions, circumstances of force majeure, site's disappearance or any other reason whatsoever. Enjoy using the Dealing Monster.